10 Wintry Ways for Families to Have “Snow” Much Fun in NYC


Do you remember when you were a kid and you were thrilled every time it snowed? If you are a New Yorker, that feeling has likely passed. But, if you are a mom, you have kids who are just as excited as you once were.

The next time it snows, I hope you look for opportunities to embrace the magic of winter. To help you out, I’m listing ten of my favorite ways to spend a snow day in New York City.

1. Cuddle and watch movies at home

Ideally, my favorite way to spend a snow day is cuddling with my husband and daughters indoors. This is especially true on the days when the snow seems to make New York City come to a complete stop. We like to get under warm blankets and watch our favorite movies all day long.

2. Bundle up and play in the snow

But, I have children and they have to get outside and play in the snow – even if just for a few minutes. Building a snowman (or woman) is so easy and it brings my girls so much joy.

3. Search for the best hot chocolate

There is an abundance of hot chocolate options in the city, and a snowy day is the perfect time to try a few and see which place has the best. Plus, drinking hot chocolate makes walking back home in the snow much more enjoyable.

4. Head to your favorite indoor play place

Rather than being stuck indoors without any way to get their energy out, I love to head to one of our favorite indoor play places. Check out TimeOut’s Best Indoor Playgrounds in NYC to give you ideas of ones closest to home.

5. Go ice skating

If you want the quintessential winter experience, then take the kids to Central Park to go ice skating. The rink and the scenery are beautiful and perfect for families on a winter day.

6. Hit the hills

Similarly, we love to go sledding! NYC has several great hills for sledding such as Central Park’s Pilgrim Hill and Cedar Hill. Here’s a secret – adults love sledding just as much as the kids.

7. Explore a new-to-you museum

In NYC, you never run out of museums to visit. So, take this opportunity to visit a museum you haven’t been to before – or at least introduce your kids to a new museum. This is a great way to take a break from the cold and be away from home at the same time.

8. Visit an indoor trampoline park

If you really want to ensure your kids sleep well tonight, then head to one of NYC’s best indoor trampoline parks. These places are awesome! Your whole family will have a blast jumping and flying through the air.

9. Have a baking marathon

Being stuck indoors on a snowy day is a great excuse to have a baking marathon. Call the whole family into the kitchen and cook some of your favorite treats.

10. Do some snow science

Just because the kids are out of school doesn’t mean the learning has to end. Try some of these Snow Science Experiments for Kids. Most of these experiments only require snow and things you already have at home.