All the Heart Eye Emojis for T.J.Maxx + A Giveaway!


Oh, T.J. Maxx, my love for you knows no end. As Rod Stewart famously sang, “You fill my heart with gladness. You take away all my sadness. You ease my troubles. That’s what you do.” I could visit your stores every day and still find something new.

If you already love T.J. Maxx or have never had the pleasure of visiting a T.J. Maxx store, I am here to shout my love all across the internet. Trust me – if you don’t already love T.J. Maxx, you will by the time you finish reading what I’m sharing today.

Clarifying Some Untruths About T.J. Maxx


Some people turn their noses up at the thought of shopping at T.J. Maxx assuming it is a discount store. These snobbish people are making a big mistake.

First, T.J. Maxx is NOT a discount store; it is actually an “off-price retailer.”

Second, the products are not out of style. In fact, T.J. Maxx stocks the same current season items as Macy’s and Nordstrom.

Third, their items are not priced cheap because they are marked irregular. There is only a small percentage (5%) of irregular products sold in the stores.

I’m a Maxxinista. You Should Be a Maxxinista, too.


Now that I’ve shed some light on the wrong ideas people have about T.J. Maxx, it is time to explain why I love T.J. Maxx. When I shop at T.J. Maxx, I don’t have to sacrifice quality or price to get looks I love. Why spend extra money on the same thing at a different store? Instead, I can go home with more shopping bags full of quality items I adore for the same price I’d spend for one bag at a department store.

T.J. Maxx Has Everything – and Then Some


Another reason to love T.J. Maxx is that they sell everything – seriously. In addition to the great clothing, you can also find shoes, handbags, accessories, fine jewelry, makeup, and hair products. You can put together your entire look from shopping at this one store. T.J. Maxx also sells clothing for men and children.

But, that’s not all! T.J. Maxx also sells home décor, toys, and pet products. Plus, I recently visited T.J. Maxx to stock up on vacation necessities such as clothing, swimsuits, luggage, beach towels, portable chargers, passport cases, and beach toys for the girls.

It’s Easy to See Why T.J. Maxx is Thriving While Other Retailers are Failing


Every week, we seem to hear about another failing retail store. However, this is not the case for T.J. Maxx. Whereas other long-time retail stores are closing or merging with other brands, more and more T.J. Maxx stores are opening. It’s because they offer the same products we all love at prices we all want.

My Instagram Maxxinista Giveaway

There is a large scale pop-up in the Flatiron Plaza full of my personal T.J. Maxx picks for going on vacation with the entire family with the coolest things to wear, to bring, and to have fun with! Stop by and check it out! If you can guess the price of everything that is in my pod, you have a chance at winning it all!

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