I Took a Mental Health Day and It Was Glorious!


Life is crazy. This is why I think it is important every now and then to totally check out and have a day away from everything. I’m not talking about a vacation – I am talking about a day for you to take care of yourself. Some people refer to these as “mental health days.”

As more professionals are stressing the importance of self-care, it is more acceptable to take mental health days than it was before. Now, employers understand that if they want their workers to do their best work, they need downtime to get refreshed.

As a working mom, it is super important that I practice self-care. I have to take care of myself so that I can take care of my family. And, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a day to myself. Recently, I took a mental health day, and it was glorious!

Here is What I Did on My Day Off

Below, I am recounting some of the things I did on my last day to myself. I hope these inspire you to take your own day off and enjoy some much-needed time for yourself.

Let the in-laws handle the kids.


As a mom, I rarely ever have true “days off.” Moms are always on duty – even when we have a day off work. However, it is important now and then to take a mom break, too. On my day off, my in-laws generously offered to take the girls for the day. That even included them handling school drop-offs and pick-ups. It was ah-mazing!

Ate lunch and dinner with my husband.


I enjoyed grown-up meals with my hubby without having to rush. I didn’t have to choose a restaurant that was kid-friendly. My husband and I ate leisurely and enjoyed great adult conversation.

Went for a massage and facial.


While my husband took a much-needed nap, I headed to the spa for a massage and facial. It felt wonderful to have someone taking care of me for a change! With a busy work schedule and family events, it can be difficult to squeeze in time for the spa, so it is always a special treat when I get to go.

Sat in the coffee shop.


Most moms know the difficulty of enjoying a hot cup of coffee. With everything on our plates, we seldom get to simply sit and enjoy a cup of coffee – let alone in a coffee shop! On my off day, I made sure to go to my favorite coffee shop and enjoy my drink while it was still hot.

Did not check in virtually.


The whole point of a mental health day is to take care of your mental health by stepping away from work. For me, this means I need to check out virtually. On my day off, I made sure I left my devices at home. I did not check my phone, my email, or my social media. And, you know what? It was awesome!

Enjoyed the world around me without rushing.


Finally, I simply took the time to enjoy the beauty of the world around me. I stopped and smelled the roses. Too often, we get too busy to look around and admire the beauty surrounding us. On this day, I took my time and looked around with eyes and heart wide open.