iD Tech Camp - #1 STEM Education for your kids this Summer!


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Recently, I embarked on a journey of choosing a summer camp for my two girls to attend. There are so many options to consider, but I knew I wanted to choose one that emphasized STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) – one where they could have fun while also learning.

By the time most young kids grow up and start looking for a job, there is going to be an abundance of career opportunities that use science and math skills. So, putting them in a fun environment where they’ll be able to learn these skills without the pressure of taking tests will give them the opportunity to absorb the information informally.

For young kids, science camps often spark their interest in the subject and will inspire them to keep learning about the subjects. For older kids, it’s often a way to expand the interest they already have. They might have the opportunity to learn a new skill or make important connections with mentors or other students.

When I was searching for a camp, I considered the basic things like how much it would cost and how far away from home the camp is, but there were also some other things that I wanted to consider when it came specifically to science camps:


·         What topics does the camp cover? Some camps offer a wide variety of changing subjects, but others are very focused. Young kids may like the variety where they’ll get to explore different subjects, but older kids might already have a subject they like and would probably choose one that’s more focused on that subject.

·         How much do they incorporate academics? Younger kids will most likely hate it if you send them to a camp filled with lectures and assessments. However, older kids may like it if the lectures are motivating and inspiring or are done by people they look up to.

·         Are the counselors knowledgeable and experienced? Making sure that the counselors know about STEM subjects makes the difference in the experience your kids will have. They’ll be able to get answers to their questions, and the counselors will likely be able to make things more interactive.

So, I knew I wanted a camp that would cater more toward my younger girls (a wider variety of activities and subjects; more fun, less lecturing; and, of course, great counselors/teachers). Once I figured out what kind of camp I was looking for, I was able to find iD Tech camp.

iD Tech has a great mission: “to create life-changing tech experiences that embolden students to shape the future.” I also like that they emphasize the importance of girls being involved in the program. They have a 50/50 gender parity in all their programs and also host the Alexa Café, which is an all-girl program.

iD Tech primarily focuses on tech subjects such as coding, designing video games, robotics, AI, cybersecurity, and a ton of other subjects. However, they have tons of fun activities during the program as well, like dress-up days, pie-your-instructor Fridays, raffles, and gaming tournaments.

They hold their camps all over the world in very good colleges, such as Stanford, the University of Cambridge, and Hong Kong University. I was able to find one at NYU, but there are also camps at Columbia, Pace, Iona, and other locations in New York.


Another thing I like is that their instructors are all very experienced and have lots of knowledge on the subjects they’re teaching. They’re often recruited from universities and colleges. The program also emphasizes small class sizes (there is never more than 10 students per class), so they’ll get just the right amount of one-on-one attention.

They offer day and overnight programs, and if your kids really like the program, there are options to continue the program throughout the year with private online courses. I’m excited to get my girls into the program, where they can learn about tech subjects, have fun, and make some new friends.

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