Up, up, and away in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

I traveled to Chiang Mai to experience a city that is unlike the busy streets of Bangkok.  Set in Northern Thailand, this city feels more relaxed and even though 1.6  million people live here it doesn't really feel it.  However, part of that peace and quiet came from the fact that we stayed at the beautiful Four Seasons Chiang Mai in 502 Moo 1, Mae Rim-Samoeng Old Road.  We stayed at the pool villa where we could've just hung out there the whole time.  But the rest of the resort was just so amazing, which includes it's own public infinity pool looking out to the lush greens of the resort.  We wanted to get a higher  look of Chiang Mai and went on a hot air balloon from Balloon Adventures Thailand.  It was an incredible (albeit cloudy) view of what Chiang Mai looks like.  Chiang Mai's 'famous' noodle is the Khao Soi and eating that intense bowl of crispy noodles in curry broth really makes me feel I am far from home.  You can have that noodle dish practically everywhere so you do not have to worry about where to get it.  Was Chiang Mai worth the 20 hour flight (stop-over in HK, of course!) to get to?  Most definitely.  It gave us the time for us to just relax away from the hectic life of living in New York City.  Can't wait to return!

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