Why I Love Daily Look and You Will Too

Daily Look 1

Ladies, I have something to share with you today that is going to make your lives so much easier! If you are like me, you love to shop. But, even though I work in the fashion industry, I find myself lacking time to shop. Between working and being a mom, I just don’t have the time to shop ‘til I drop anymore.

So, when I heard about Daily Look, a personal styling service, I knew I had to give it a try. Now, I’m hooked! This service works by having you complete a style quiz that allows you to tell the curators about your style, budget, size, and lifestyle preferences. While there are other online styling services, Daily Look stands out from the rest because it is a premium styling service offering the ultimate in personalized styling.

I have been thrilled by what my stylist selected for me. Using my style quiz and my Instagram feed, she crafted a box with looks that are on trend. And, I never even had to leave the house! Moms, rejoice! This service is simple and convenient. It is delivered right to your door. You pick what you want and send back the rest. No hassles!

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Tempted but still hesitating? Here are a few more reasons why I love Daily Look:

No Shopping with Kids!

Shopping with kids is no fun. You are in a rush, and you cannot give shopping your full attention. You have to quickly pick things off the rack and then try them quickly. You wind up just buying what fits and not necessarily looks good. With Daily Look, someone else finds the clothes for you, and then you get to try them on in the privacy of your own home – no kids and no rushing allowed.

Daily Look 2

A Major Time Saver!

Daily Look is super convenient. All I had to do was complete the style quiz and “favorite” some looks on their page. Then, my stylist went to work. While I was working and taking care of kids, my Daily Look stylist was pulling together ensembles for me.

No More Fashion Ruts!

Trends change, and sometimes we fall behind. Moms, in particular, are notorious for losing their sense of fashion. With Daily Look, there are no more mom jeans, yoga pants, or t-shirts with holes. Instead, you will receive looks that fit your style and are also trendy. You will also discover new looks that work with your lifestyle.

Just the Right Fit!

One of the reasons women often hesitate to shop online is because they are worried about how the clothes will fit. This is not a problem when using an online styling service like Daily Look. The stylist has your sizes, knows your body shape, and has images to guide her. You will receive clothes that fit your body’s shape and make you feel confident.

Premium Personalized Styling!

Daily Look 3

Daily Look works hard to find outfits that you will actually want to wear. They don’t just send you a random box of clothes that are trendy in your size. They curate a wardrobe just for you. I love how personalized my selections are and how much care my stylist puts into finding clothes I will love wearing.

Guess what? InRachelShoes followers can use the promotion code RACHEL10 to get $10 off your first box!