My Wishes for My Daughters in this New Year


As a mom, my heart and mind are always on my two beautiful daughters. Even when we are apart, I am thinking about them and wishing them well. As their mom, it is my unique responsibility to help them grow up to be strong women.

Sometimes I get so focused on who I want my daughters to grow up to be that I lose sight of who they are right now. So, while I don’t think my girls need to make resolutions as adults do at the start of a new year, there are some wishes I hope to come true for them over the next year — wishes that will allow them to be little but also help them to grow.

Allow me the opportunity to make some wishes for my daughters in this new year.

Embrace fun


May this year be one where our kids have more fun. Let’s embrace silliness. Let’s fill our homes with laughter. Instead of forcing our kids to be picture-perfect all the time, let’s give them space to let their hair down.

Play and play some more


Extracurricular activities are great, but this year, let’s have more free play time. Let’s encourage imaginative play with our children becoming different characters and turning ordinary household objects into magical inventions.

Try something new


For children, trying new things can be scary. But, also for kids, much of the world is still new to them. May this be the year they decide to try something new – a new sport, a new activity, or simply a new food.

Learn something valuable


Yes – kids need to learn their ABCs and 123s, and they should be praised when they do so. But, let’s also help them learn life skills. May this be the year they learn to do something of value that they will use the rest of their lives – like how to tie their shoes.

Share, give, donate


As their toy collections grow, may they be encouraged to share with their siblings and friends and give to the needy. May they donate to causes that move their young hearts – animals, foster care, or children’s hospitals.

Practice gratitude


Throughout the year, may our kids practice gratitude. As every door is opened and each gift unwrapped, may they say “thank you” without being reminded.

Celebrate well and often

Celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday

Celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday

This year let’s celebrate birthdays and holidays and everything in between. May we find every opportunity to cheer, decorate with balloons and confetti, and eat cake.

Create something beautiful


Let’s fill our closets with art supplies and let the kids go wild. May our faces show sheer delight when they proudly show us their beautiful disasters. May we hang them from our refrigerators and frame them on the wall.

Stay healthy


May they wash their hands constantly and exercise regularly. May they avoid stomach bugs, the flu, and eat something green. May they stay safe and healthy all year long.

Fellow mamas, what wishes do you have for your children this year?