Pampers Easy Ups Helping My Little One to get Potty Trained!

Potty training your little one is an exciting but challenging task for many parents. There will be accidents and there will be frustration on both the parent and your child. With Pampers Easy Ups, the process becomes a whole lot easier! Comfort and absorption are the most important things when it comes to potty training and Pampers Easy Ups delivers that in spades which is probably why they’ve been awarded the 2017 Best New Product.

They're super soft and with a 360° stretchy waistband – it's almost like cotton underwear! My daughter loves the feeling of being a 'grown up' and wearing 'grown up' underwear gives my daughter the confidence in being able to walk over to the potty and easily pull up and down when she has to go. After a few initial tries she learned how to pull up and down with ease. With the ease comes less frustration pulling down Pampers Easy Ups, she sometimes goes without even me knowing! That was my favorite moment of this entire potty training experience, the moment my daughter was already finished and pulled up her own Easy Ups without ever having to tell me!

Accidents will happen in the beginning and making sure training diapers can easily absorb is a very big thing. Pampers Easy Ups have exclusive Extra Absorb Channels™, which provide great protection against leaks anytime during the day and even at night when they sleep. With Dual Leak-Guard Barriers™ around the legs, it can also prevent leaks when they roll around in bed or being active. And when that accident does happen, disposing of Easy Ups is extremely easy by just tearing it at the sides!

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