How to Clean and Take Care of Light-Colored Shoes and Bags

Ladies, why do we save up the money to purchase designer bags or shoes just to let them show wear and tear before the season is even over? If you are like me, you hate to see your most valued possessions lose their luster because of stains or scuff marks.

High-quality shoes and bags should be treated as investment pieces, but too often, we don’t take the steps we need to take care of them in the first place. I’m here today to help you out with some basic care and cleaning tips for light-colored shoes and bags.

Protect Your Valuables

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First things first, you need to protect your valuable shoes and bags. You need to treat them with care! For instance, shoe horns and boot shapers were invented for a reason. These handy tools keep your precious shoes in great shape. The same concept applies to bags, too. If you are not using a bag, stuff it so that it maintains its shape in the offseason. Additionally, your designer bags come with dust bags for a reason – to protect the bags from dust. If you have a dust bag, then use it!

Take Prevention into Your Own Hands

If you have a pair of shoes or a bag that you absolutely love and hope will last for years, then you should invest in a protector spray. Protector sprays work to protect the material by creating a barrier against water and dirt. This is especially important for light-colored bags and shoes!

The Material Matters

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I cannot emphasize this enough – the material matters! You will treat and clean leather very differently than you will suede. For example, you should avoid using water as the main cleaning agent for suede unless you want to damage your shoes or bag even more. Similarly, there are specific cleaning tools for different types of materials – i.e., suede protectors and leather protectors.

Read the Instructions

Next, after you have purchased care items, you should always read the labels and instructions. As I explained above, you should not use a suede cleaner on a leather item and vice versa. Additionally, some leather cleaners require water and others do not; therefore, it is important for you to read the instructions. If you want your shoes or bags to return to their original beauty, then follow the care instructions and cleaning product instructions.

Test a Small Area First

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You should always test a small area first to be on the safe side. Some shoe polishes are designed to work with certain colors. Don’t make the mistake of applying a shoe polish designed for black shoes all over a light-colored pair of shoes. That would be a major shoe emergency!

Three Products I Recommend

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You can google and find all sorts of home remedies for cleaning light colored shoes and bags. But, when it comes to my favorite possessions, I just don’t want to risk it. I’d rather not try to combine white vinegar and water and ruin my favorite pair of heels. Instead, I trust those in the shoe business to tell me how to clean and take care of my valuables. Below I am recommending three products for leather shoes which can also be used on leather purses. Even better – these products are designed to work on light-colored shoes and bags!

Apple Brand Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

The Apple Brand aims to preserve and restore leather – not to damage it. So, you can expect their products to be gentle. In addition to the cleaner, I love that the conditioner is easy to apply using a makeup sponge and works to moisturize and leave the leather feeling smooth.

Meltonian Boot and Shoe Cream Polish

As it is available in multiple colors, it is easy to find a polish that will match the item you love. The cream works to clean and make shoes return to their original glory. It goes on easily, and all you need to do is buff the shoes with a soft cloth.

Saphir Medaille D'or 1925 Pate De Luxe Neutral Wax Shoe Polish

Unlike dark shoe polishes, this one is wax-based, clear and designed to be used on neutral or odd-colored shoes. For those looking for a polish that does not have to match various colored shoes, this is an excellent choice.

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