It’s Time to Treat Your Handbags Like They Are Investments


Lately, I have been shouting my love for handbags all across the blog and social media. I love my handbags – and I know you love yours, too!

Here’s the thing, ladies. If we are willing to spend big bucks on our designer bags because we see them as investment pieces, then it is time we treat them as such.

No more tossing them around or laying them on the floors of our closets. If we choose to hold on to a bag rather than ship it off to Rebag, then we better treat that bag like it is worth the money we spent on it.

Rookie Mistakes

If you are storing your bags in plastic storage bins, it is time to stop. This is a bad environment for your bags because of moisture. Moisture leads to mold. Mold on my precious purse? No thank you. If you must store bags away seasonally, then store them using some of the other methods we will discuss below.

Store Handbags Upright

Whenever and wherever possible, storage your handbags upright rather than laying them on their sides. This is better for the bag’s shape and material overall. The problem with storing bags upright is that if you do not use purse inserts, they will flop over. This is not good either.

Store Handbags with Purse Inserts

With that being said, it is important to store your handbags using purse inserts. Now, since every purse is shaped differently, there is not one set purse insert you can buy. However, you can use household items such as scarves or acid-free tissue paper to stuff the bag. This will ensure the handbag keeps it shape.

Store Handbags in Dust Covers

Since we are talking about designer bags, then surely you know about the importance of a dust cover as all designer bags come with one. These dust covers are given to you with the handbag because they protect the bag while it is not in use from dust and grime.

If you made the mistake of tossing the original dust cover, you can purchase a handbag dust cover from The Container Store or simply use a cotton pillow cover.

Switch It Up

Quite possibly the most fun care and storage tip – switch your bags up regularly! If you use the same bag daily, it will show wear. Instead, have fun switching your bags to match your outfits and moods.

Clever Ways to Store Your Handbags

Now, I know everyone has different amounts of storage space. Some women have to be more clever about how to take care of their handbag collection. So, I have compiled a few of my favorite examples for handbag storage to share with you. I’m sure you will find a handbag storage option that is perfect for your home.

Acrylic Purse Shelf Dividers

Over the Door Purse Organizers

Closet Rod Hangers

Clutch Organizers

Bookshelf Display

Partnering with REBAG to Make Your Handbag Dreams Come True


I’ve shared recently about my love for purses and handbags. But, it’s time for me to let you in a little secret. I’ve found a way to make sure I always have the newest, most desirable handbags season after season. I have discovered Rebag and my handbag collection will never be the same, which is why I’m partnering with Rebag, the ultimate destination to sell your luxury handbags and sharing my secret with you.

Why Rebag is Unique

At this point, we are all familiar with consignment shops and Rent The Runway. What makes Rebag different from these online stores is that it works to make sure you are constantly able to refresh your handbag collection by allowing you to sell your purses, exchange them, or earn credit for other Rebag handbags. It is THE luxury handbag destination.

Rebag is unique because they:

  • Generate upfront price quotes

  • Purchase bags outright (no consignment hassles)

  • Pay via check or direct deposit instantly

The Easy Way Rebag Works

Rebag has made it super easy to sell the handbags you are no longer in love with. All you need to do is take photos of the bag you want to sell and submit them to the app or website. Then, Rebag will provide a quote. At this point, you deliver your used handbag to Rebag.

Upon approval, you will receive instant payment. Approval also isn’t a huge worry like other resale shops because they provide clear guidelines for approval. Trust me - Rebag is the simplest and most straightforward way to sell your handbag. When submitting a bag to sell, use my code RachelChoy for preferred pricing.

Ladies of NYC, Rebag is Handbag Heaven!

If you live in NYC, Rebag is going to be your new favorite thing. When you sell a bag, you can have your bag picked up from your home OR you can visit one of their retail locations to receive an instant quote and immediate payment. It can not get any easier. Plus, a visit to their retail locations is like a trip to handbag heaven! You can even opt to exchange your Rebag handbag at at a Rebag Bar within 6 months to receive at least 70% of the purchase price.

Plus, Rebag is Granting Wishes for Women Across the US

For those ladies who do not call NYC home, Rebag is still the perfect option for keeping your handbag collection fresh. They offer free shipping anywhere else in the US. All you have to do is use their app or website. Get preferred pricing for your handbags with my code RachelChoy when you submit them for a quote at

It’s Never Been Easier to Have an Endless Collection of Luxury Handbags

No woman wants to carry the same bag all the time. Here’s a way to have a new bag right when you want one without breaking your budget.

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