Does Your Skin Have the Winter Weather Blues? Here are My Best Tips


I love the changing seasons – especially winter. I love the snow and the excuse to cuddle under warm blankets. I especially love having clear reasons to wear all my favorite winter clothing items and accessories like boots and scarves.

What I don’t like about winter is the way it wreaks havoc on my skin. As all women know, the chill of the winter air leaves our skin feeling dry, itchy, and chapped. And who wants that?! After dealing with dry skin and NYC winters, I have learned some tricks to make my skin feel soft and nourished even on the coldest, driest days.

I’m sharing my winter skin wisdom with you below.

Moisturize and Moisturize Some More

As the winter air dries out your skin, you can battle the dryness by using moisturizers all day long every single day. Put on a good moisturizer after you shower. Keep lotions in your purses, on your nightstand, and in your car. Anytime you feel dry, lotion up. I love Olay Whips to keep my skin feeling soft and nourished all winter long.

Avoid Hot Water Baths and Showers

Yes, you are cold, and nothing sounds better than a hot, steamy shower. Unfortunately, those hot showers only dry your skin out even more. Instead, use lukewarm water for your showers and washing your face. You’ll thank me later.

Lip Balm is Your Winter BFF

My lips are constantly dry day and night during the wintertime, so I always have lip balm nearby. On my nightstand, in every one of my purses, in the pockets of my coats, and the car. I like to use Blistex Superfruit Soothers because it includes ingredients with antioxidants and vitamins C & E. Plus, with SPF 15, it protects my lips from even more protection.

Just Because It Is Cold Does Not Mean the Sun Doesn’t Shine

Too many people forget to wear SPF during the winter because they mistakenly believe that since it is cold, the sun doesn’t shine. Wrong! You should use SPF every day, including the winter. Plus, the sun reflects off snow and ice and can do damage to your skin.

Drink Water All Day Long Every Day

Possibly the best way to keep your skin hydrated during the winter is to drink water. Healthy skin is just one of the many benefits of drinking water. You can also use water-based products like Neutrogena Hydro Blast Water Gel to keep your skin hydrated in the winter.

Switch Out Your Summer Products for Winter Ones

Last but not least, you need to change out your beauty and skincare products. As much as we love our products, this is something we neglect to do. The stuff you put on your skin in the summer should be different than the stuff you put on your skin in the winter. Why? In winter, you need products that moisturize whereas in summer you need products that keep you from being oily. Likewise, since winter air is hard on your lips, it is best to skip matte lipsticks.

What tips do you have for having beautiful radiant skin during the winter?

Using Neutrogena's Tried & True products!

This content is sponsored by Neutrogena. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

As a working mom in the big city, my routine in the morning and at night is usually very short on time and spending it taking care of my face usually takes a backseat.  The weather this winter has been particularly brutal and my face always feels tired and dry.  I've been wanting to reset my morning (and night) routine and focus a little more effort into taking care of my face and hydrating it


I am working with Neutrogena and Rite Aid to try three of their tried & true products and see how they change my morning and night routines taking care of my face.  My skin sometimes breaks out in the morning and feels tired especially during the winter months. With the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub, it deep cleans and washes off any roughness or blackheads without over-drying my face.  My face feels clean and I can see the acne go away after several washes.


After my scrub I’ll try the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel to keep my face from getting dry throughout the day if I’m out in the cold.  The moment I put it on, I feel it absorbed into the skin.  It’s not oily and my skin feels refreshed.  The best thing about the Hydro Boost is that I have this non oily fresh feeling throughout the day.  My face doesn’t get dry and it doesn’t feel as tired as it used to. 


Doing this routine morning and night has changed the way my face feels now.  When I go to work my face feels uplifted and not dry at all.  When I go to bed, my face actually feels fresh and smooth and best of all, hydrated giving me a great night's sleep.

Another great Neutrogena product that I use daily and is a must-have in my routine is the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes & wipes.  They are my go-to after my long day of work to help me remove the thickest and heaviest makeup.  They clean with ease but are also gentle on my skin.  I use this before cleaning my skin at night.


I purchased these items at Rite Aid and now there is a great deal on Neutrogena Skin Care.   It will be Buy 1, Get 1 at 50% off during the weeks of 2/4, 2/18 and 2/25. During the week of 2/4 when you use your Rite Aid Wellness+ Card, for every $40 you spend, you will receive $15 in Bonus Cash towards your next visit.  Check out this page for more and pick up these products at a great price!  What a great way to stock up on more Neutrogena skin products!


OLAY Whips Moisturizer


Picking a moisturizer is very hard for me.  It seems like I'm trying new moisturizers every few months because it's so hard to find the right one.  I have very sensitive skin so I am very picky with my moisturizers.  Some are too oily, some are too thick, and some have a smell that are too strong and I'm unable to use. 


Olay Luminous Whip solves all those issues.  Whip is a powerful moisturizer that has a light as air finish.  No more oily and thick creams.  With its Active Rush Technology, Olay Luminous Whip is able to transform from a cream to a liquid on the skin allowing for very fast absorption.  That's why when I put it on my hand or face, it feels incredibly smooth and absorbs right away without getting all oily.  



Within a week I felt the effects of smooth and soft skin from Olay Luminous Whip.  It's so light and my skin is breathable right after I put it on.  With the winter coming, I need this moisturizer more than ever to keep my hands and my face from drying and cracking.  It's a must have addition to my morning and bedtime routine.

I love that they have three kinds of Olay Whip moisturizers to fit your needs.  Olay Regenerist Whip helps with wrinkles without the heaviness.  Olay Total Effects Whip nourishes your face with fast absorption.  Olay Luminous Whip delivers a radiance to your face without the oily shine.


Make sure to order the amazing Olay Whip Moisturizer here and see for yourself how this light cream can change your opinions about moisturizers!

This content is sponsored by Olay.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.