Where We Go When We Need to Leave the House


I firmly believe your home should be a sanctuary for your family. It should feel safe and full of love at all times. But, let’s be real. As much as I love my house, there are times I have to get out of it. I’m sure my fellow working moms understand this feeling. You cannot just go to work and go home each day. You must find ways to see the rest of the world!

That’s why as the temperatures cool and before the frigid winter weather arrives, I like to take advantage of the many outdoor options in New York City. There are so many great things for kids to do in NYC – and many of them are outdoors. A simple outdoor excursion is all we need to feel refreshed. Plus, a little Vitamin D is healthy for everyone!

If you are a fellow NYC working mom or just visiting New York for a trip with kids, here are some of my family’s favorite outdoor places in NY.

Explore Central Park

Of course, I have to include Central Park on my list of favorites! Not only is it one of the country’s most iconic parks, but it is also a great place for families in NYC! Central Park has tons of places to explore. For example, it has over fifty monuments, sculptures, and fountains. You can plan an entire scavenger hunt just for those structures. Add in bridges and wildlife, and the park feels magical.


Plus, Central Park is home to 21 playgrounds! My girls have some they love more than others, so I encourage to explore the park’s various playgrounds to find the ones that your kids like the most.

Check out the views at Hunters Point


Hunter’s Point Park is a newer park located in Long Island City. We love visiting this park because it offers amazing views of the NYC skyline. Plus, since it is a waterfront park, it also offers scenic waterfront views. It also has playgrounds that my girls love.

Take in the Scenery at Prospect Park


Prospect Park is a super family-friendly and beautiful park with playgrounds and more. It is home to one of NYC’s enchanting carousels, as well as a zoo with real-life animals. Prospect Park also has a skating rink in the winter, a children’s garden, and free kids programming at the Audubon Center.

Spend Time with the Animals at NYC Zoos


Both Central Park and Prospect Park have zoos that are open to the public. My girls love visiting zoos and seeing the animals up close. It is one of my family’s favorite ways to spend an afternoon. Plus, the fall is a great time to visit the zoo because the animals are more active than other seasons of the year.

And if the weather doesn’t cooperate…

If we need to get out of the house and it is raining or snowing, we just head to one of the nearest indoor play areas. My girls think Chuck E Cheese is the most fun place ever. I can put up with the noise and excitement because I know it makes them happy – and sleepy. Time Out also has a guide to other great ideas for indoor NYC play spaces if you are looking for somewhere new.