Why I Don’t Feel Guilty for Prioritizing Me Time


Mom friends, let’s be honest. Prioritizing me time, as a mom, feels wrong sometimes. We don’t talk about it, but we all want it. But, so often we are made to feel like it is wrong to want “me time.” I’m here to say, “No more!”

My life is busy – super busy. On top of taking care of my adorable daughters, I work full time. My days are crammed back, and it sometimes feels like I have no time left in the day to check everything off my to-do list – let alone anything just for me.

But, I have learned the importance of self-care, and I am here today to tell you why you need to start prioritizing me time as well.

Why I Put Myself First

You know the saying, “If momma isn’t happy, nobody’s happy”? As moms, we know this is true! Moms are typically the ones who hold things together in their homes and family lives. When we are tired or upset, it changes the atmosphere in our homes. And, this busy working mom is the most ill when I am tired and have not taken time for myself.

I love my daughters. They are my greatest joy! But, even though I adore everything about them, sometimes I just need some time away from them. I need time to be myself – and not just “mom.” And, when I do take time for myself, I feel refreshed and renewed, and I can go back to being the energetic, loving mom that I usually am.

Think of it this way – the safety message on an airplane always tells you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first. The same thing is true for parenting. Before you can take care of your kids, you must take care of yourself.

Take a Few Minutes Every Day

So how do I manage to squeeze in some me time when my life is so busy between work, family, and other commitments? I get it done by taking a few minutes to myself every day. Self-care does not have to be a full spa day (although that would be amazing!). Daily self-care can just be a few minutes you take to yourself to do something just for you that brings you joy.

Other Ways I Practice Self-Care as a Busy Working Mom

To give you some ideas to get started, here are some things I do that are just for me:

Start my day quietly with a cup of coffee.


Mornings are not my favorite, but Dunkin Donuts coffee makes me like them a little bit more. Starting the day by having a nice cup of coffee helps me get ready to face whatever lies ahead.

Spend time outdoors.


I like to sit in Central Park before I go to work. This gives me a few minutes of quiet between the rush of getting the girls ready for school and before I head into work mode.

Get a massage.

When I am feeling stressed or tense, I love to get a massage. I’ve found that even a short thirty-minute massage does wonders when it comes to making me feel more relaxed and like myself again.

Connect with friends.

It takes effort to keep up with your friendships after you have kids – especially when you are juggling a career. But, friendships are so important! Friends remind you of who you were before kids, and the time you spend with them is often the best therapy in the world.

Drink a glass of wine.

I look forward to ending my day with a nice glass of wine to take the edge off. For me, it signifies the end of the daily rush and the start of the relaxation.



As the Elle Woods says in the classic Legally Blonde, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” Add in Premiere Protein and I am good to go.

Pursue my hobbies.

It is easy to push your previous hobbies to the side when your life gets busy after having kids, but it is more important than ever before to do what you love. I love fashion, so I continue to pursue it in my everyday life.



I love my cell phone just as much as the next mom, but I have found sometimes the best self-care involves simply unplugging for a bit and having a conversation face-to-face.

When I Look Good, I Feel Good

Finally, I do not feel guilty about prioritizing myself, especially when it comes to my appearance. I’m not saying you have to look your absolute best every day – that’d be crazy! But, for me, when I look good, I feel good. So, I am intentional about the amount of time I need to get ready each day and what I will wear.

What are some things you do to practice self-care?