How I Make Kid-Free Travel Easier for Everyone


It’s no secret that I love to travel or that I love my girls. It is also not a secret that I strongly believe parents should take kid-free vacations. You can read all my reasons why I am so pro kid-free vacations here. However, I realized that while I have told my readers the importance of heading away with their spouse and leaving the kids behind that I haven’t explained what I do to make it easier.

Mom friends, I am here today to make it easier for you to leave the kids at home. Whether you are worried about the logistics or the guilt, there are a few things you can do that will instantly make you and your kids feel better about your upcoming kid-free vacay.

I Leave Them with People I Trust


First things first – I always leave my girls with people that I trust. Who these people are is going to be different for everyone, but here are some things that I think make it easier.

  1. Choose people your kids know. It is even better if you choose people your kids love.

  2. These people should know your kids. They should know your kids’ routine and their quirks.

  3. Pick people who will keep them safe but will also help them cope with you being away by filling their days with fun and happiness.

I Prepare Them in Advance


My girls are old enough now that I can prepare them in advance for an upcoming trip. For example, I put it on the family calendar so they can countdown. I tell them where they will be staying and who they will be staying with. I also tell them the basics of where I am going and how they can reach me if they need me.

I Keep in Touch


Today’s technology makes it so easy to stay in touch while you are away. You can even keep in touch while you are in the middle of the sea on a cruise! I know some parents worry that if their kids talk to them while they are away, then they will get more upset. This hasn’t been the case for our family. We call them and use video chat to stay in touch. We also send and receive pictures from their caregivers the entire time we are gone.

PS. A good cell phone call makes all the difference –, especially for international travel!

I Leave Them Notes


I also like to leave my daughters little notes in their luggage for the days while I am away. Just like how I will leave a note in their lunchboxes, these little notes are sweet reminders that mommy is thinking of them even while I am away.

I Buy Them Souvenirs


Like most moms, when I am away from my girls, I spend countless minutes of my time away thinking of them, looking at pictures on my phone of them, and shopping for them! How can I not, right?! It makes my heart happy to find gifts I know my girls will love while I am away and helps me when I am missing them.

What tricks do you have making travel without kids easier? Let me know in the comments!

Hong Kong... food and sights!

I used to go to Hong Kong once a year but after being a mom of two, the chance to travel to one of my favorite places just became extremely difficult.  But through some sheer miracle I got the chance to visit Hong Kong (for 2 whole days!)  So all I got to do was eat and eat and eat.  And try to visit the Big Buddha which I never got to do in previous trips.  Hard to believe but it looks like Hong Kong is becoming even more modern than I last remembered.  But more importantly, the food is always the best thing.  I got to eat at Mott 32The ChairmanLung King HeenTsim Chai Kee, and 忠記粥品 (only congee that was open in the morning!).  There's about a million other restaurants I would've loved to eat at...but that'll wait till next time!

The wonder and beauty of Macau!

It's been many years since I've gone back to Macau.  Back when I went, all I remember was the beef jerky and the very cool looking streets.  Now that I'm back, I still love the beef jerky and the very cool looking streets.  I think it's from all the Portuguese influence.  It has modernized a bit (from all the gambling investments) but the small streets are still there.  They're small streets with a lot of stores (lots of beef jerky stores...I told you they're very good here) and colorful apartments on top.  I was taken to quieter areas of Macau where there were a lot of trees and cool looking homes during the times when Macau was a Portuguese colony.  I had the pleasure of staying at the Presidential Suite at the amazing JW Marriot Macau and the views were a sight to behold.  I was lucky enough to finally have hairy crab at the beginning of the season for the first time...the roe really is something special (did you know there's a special way to eat it?).  Having lunch at Lai Heen was a pleasure, what a beautiful exotic room to be eating in.  Overall my short time in Macau made really want to go back there soon to experience more of the quiet side to this tiny side of China.

p.s. oh, the Portuguese egg tarts were a delight too!