It’s Time to Stop Looking at Your Pics Only on Your Phone and Print Them Out


Moms, we have a problem. We have started to rely solely on our phones to collect and store all of our precious photos. I’m guilty of this, and I bet you are, too. I take tons of pictures on my phone every day, but for what purpose? It’s not like I am printing them out or viewing them regularly. They are just taking up memory space on my phone.

I’m not telling you to stop taking pictures. No way! I think the ability to snap pics anytime we want is one of the best things about modern technology. What I am talking about is the fact that we don’t ever print them out. Why take all these pics if you aren’t ever going to see them? If you have countless photos stored on your phone but not on your walls, this one is for you.


Technology will fail.

We have all experienced a technology fail. As much as we would like to believe our photos are safe on our phones or our computers, these things crash, and our photos crash right alongside them. Plus, even if you have wisely uploaded all your photos to a cloud storage system, it doesn’t mean you will always have the technology to access and view them.

You will actually look at them.

If you are anything like me, you do look through photos on your phone. However, with the huge number of photos, you likely don’t go all the way back and look at photos from years ago. Who does that? Many moms rely solely on social media flashbacks to see their old pics. But, if you have them printed out, you will actually look at the pics from years past.

They make great gifts.

Few things make grandparents happier than receiving a printed photo of their grandkids. Just go ahead and make your life easier at the holidays by printing off a few of your best pics and purchasing a variety of frames.

They are the best ways to personalize your décor.

We all want our house to feel like a home. One way to achieve this is to personalize your décor using photos of your family. Now this will vary according to your style tastes. I don’t like a lot of clutter on my walls, but I still think you can very tastefully decorate with personal photos.

Your kids will thank you.

Let’s face it. Someday we will no longer be here, and our kids will want to have something physical to remember us by. Our photo albums and prints will be precious to them, just like we treasure our parent’s scrapbooks.

Here are some fun things to do with your prints:

  • Old-fashioned photo album – There is nothing wrong with using an old-fashioned photo album to store your prints. The fact is it is a book you and your kids can look through from time to time – no need to be fancy unless you want to.

  • Printed scrapbooks – There are so many companies, such as Shutterfly, that allow you to create customized scrapbooks online using your digital photos. For the moms who are the busiest, there is also Chatbooks, which regularly prints out your Instagram photos and send them to you in a book.

  • Make stickers or postcards – In addition to the more traditional ways to print out photos, there are online companies which make it easy to turn your Instagram pics into stickers or postcards. These are perfect for school-aged kids!

  • Create a gallery wall – As shown above, I recently used Storyboards to create a gallery wall in the breakfast nook of my home of some of my favorite pics. I am over the moon with how well it turned out! It was super easy and looks awesome.

15 Things Readers Should Know About Me


Hello, I’m Rachel! I am thrilled you are on this mom life journey with me. While I can tell you that I am a Chinese-American mom and lifestyle blogger and I can show you all my fabulous finds, travel mementos, and delicious meals, there is more to me than what the Insta pics show. I am much more than a NYC mom blogger.


I started this blog because I wanted to share my life as a mom who also works full-time in the fashion industry with other women. Sharing my experiences as a NYC working mom is both cathartic and helpful – for you and for me. We can learn from one other. I hope you gain inspiration from each picture and each blog post.

Let’s Go Beyond the Pictures!

Do you remember when you were in school and chain letters (or emails) went around? The sort of thing where one friend listed 25 random things about herself and then asked ten friends to do the same? Well, I kind of miss that type of connection.

With social media, we get to see all the glossy and filtered images of one another’s lives, but as a social media influencer, I’ve come to realize that many of my followers and readers do not know much about me beyond what the pictures show. It’s important for me to show you who I really am. So, today I’m putting myself out here for the whole internet to see.


15 Things That Might Surprise You About Me

1. I spend all day on my feet while I work in fashion. Since I am on my feet all day, I am constantly aware of the shoes I am wearing. This should explain why shoes mean everything to me. I adore shoes – the more stylish, the better. *Bonus points if you realized this is the reason for the name of my blog.

2. No one is ever able to guess my real age. A lady never tells, right? 😉

3. I'm the youngest of 3.  And I have two girls of my own - Madison & Olivia.


4. I have been married for nine years.

5. I'm Bilingual!  I can speak both Cantonese and Mandarin along with English.

6. I am the walking definition of a hangry woman. If I am hungry, you better feed me.


7. I’m petite - as in really petite. I am 5 feet on a good day (with the right pair of heels).


8. My favorite things outside of my family are eating and traveling. I’m a total foodie and a wino. As you know by now, I also love telling my readers where they should eat, drink, and visit.

9. I am super hard working, and sometimes I catch myself being a Tiger mom with my girls. What can I say? I’m a cool mom, but I know hard work pays off.

10. My friends will tell you that I am a loyal friend, and they know they can come to me for advice because I am honest and direct. But, they will also tell you that I am impossible to shop for.

11. I'm a workaholic.

12. I do not like cold weather or winters, but New York is worth it to me.


13. Other things I hate: small crowded spaces, ignorant people, and internet trolls.

14. I have a weird phobia of old wallpaper. It creeps me out!

15. Wondering why you never hear me on my Insta stories? It’s because I cannot stand the sound of my own voice!

 Anything surprise you? Jump in and tell me some things you wish people knew about you.